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Tips For Training In Hot Weather (part 2)

4. Run early-or late.

If you take the time to acclimatize to the heat, and you adjust your pace properly on hot days, you can train safely in very high environmental temperatures. However, because you have to slow down, you can’t train as hard or get as fit in such temperatures as you can in cooler temperatures.

You should train early in the morning and late in the evening-and perhaps even indoors sometimes-to avoid the highest temperatures of the day. You’ll have better workouts and you’ll feel more comfortable, too.

5. Dress to sweat.

Sweating is the body’s primary cooling mechanism. When you train in hot weather, be sure to dress in clothes that allow this mechanism to do its job. Avoid wearing everyday clothes such as cotton t-shirts, which trap sweat and heat against the body. Light colors that reflect the sun are also preferable.

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6. Stay hydrated.

Drinking during hot-weather workouts will help your sweating system do its job better. By drinking throughout each training session you will keep your blood volume close to normal levels, which in turn keeps your sweat rate high. And since oxygen is delivered to the muscles through the blood, maintaining your blood volume through drinking also enables your heart to deliver more oxygen per contraction, so you perform better than you can if you allow your body to become too dehydrated.

7. Try pre-cooling.

Research has shown that athletes perform better in hot environments when they cool their bodies beforehand. Pre-cooling doesn’t make a huge difference, but if you want to gain a little bit of performance in important workouts that must be done in the heat, turn your air conditioning down low or spend time in a cool bath before you head out the door.

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