Champion Dash

Relax with 1000 points workout

Reward yourself with a point and feel good about what you do with a workout designed to supercharge your body. The 1000 point, total body workout will see you take to the air as well as command the ground.

Instructions: This is a throughout the day workout, the goal is to collect 1000 points. One rep of each exercise = 1 point.

What it works: chest, triceps, lower abs, upper abs, adductors, calves, quads. This one does a lot.

Tip: When taking to the air with a jump knee tuck two things are important: to maintain your balance and to minimize impact and injury. To achieve the first make sure that you bring your knees to your chest rather than your chest to your knees. To achieve the second make sure that you land on the ball of the foot rather than the heel. This avoids jarring to the spine and brings into play the calf muscles, hamstrings and the tendons of the ankle, strengthening them.

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It’s ok to cheat. You can earn the bulk of the points doing a lot of half jacks, for example. It’s really up to you how you hit the target… as long as you get all the points in until the day is up.

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