Champion Dash


Squat is the popular exercise with many easy movement. It help the entire body work flexible. Let’s Red Bull Champion Dash challenge the flexibility in 30 days.
The daily life is alike an obstacle race. You cannot easily overcome all the difficulty without facing with any obstacle, even the injuries. Squat workouts will often promote muscle activity to increase the flexibility of the body and strengthen the power for the main muscle groups. Thereby the body’s calories are burned more efficiently. Squats also help exercisers reduce common injuries in practice and daily activities.

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Squat is for everyone whether you’re a beginner, athletes, the elderly or kids . Let’s get started workout by doing a certain number of Squat, eg 30 pcs per day. Caution is the postures of your practice are accurate to not be counterproductive or lead to footling injuries.

Refer to the proper form of Squat in the following video.

Source: XFit-Squat
If you still concern about your effective Squat workouts, why don’t challenge yourself with a 30 days workout?

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