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Does your weight reach the standard

Weight and height is also these important factors to balance the body shape. How to know what kind of weight and height is the standard for each person?

There are many factors, affect your weight and height as genetics, eating and drinking routine, exercise habitat, and living environment. However, to a growth adult, the height is not a major concern anymore; instead there are the trouble revolves around the weight. This becomes a large influence on perception and behavior of almost people, especially, someone who has slightly rounded shape.

The advice tries to research some trustworthy formulas to calculate body shape and weight. Besides, you can select some sports or exercises which are appropriate for your own physical fitness and interests.


Let’s  Red Bull Champion Dash find out your standard height and weight according to the table below:


If you already know the standard height and weight, please don’t subjective to stop the practice of sports activities, or hastily do exercise. The exercise should be scientific, careful and steady as it does not only help you maintain your physique but also ensures the good health, avoids the potential risk of disease and gets an energetic life. Therefore, you should spend a few times to research about the some exercises which can help maintain physique and weight such as Squat, Plank or Cardio.

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