“To be ready to fail is to be prepare for success.”

The overhanging walls are the most common obstacle you need to face at Red Bull Champion Dash.

It becomes to be more regular at obstacle races over the world. Overhanging walls are definitely one of obstacle racing’s quite hard obstacles but there are a few simple techniques that be used to make life a whole lot easier and minimize the amount of brute strength required. Anyone who has tried them will know that they are far harder than a regular vertical wall but, if you use the correct technique, they do not need to be.


– Firstly, put your hands on the top.

– Then, twist your hip.

– Your right foot goes against the wall and you are just pushing your hips away.

– Allow you to heal but you are here is on you want to ride your hips up.

– Get your knee over and they will just pull over and it is possible hand where you are going to finish.

That’s so easy? Now, let’s click to the link below to understand more technique above: